How to Gain from Boutique Partnership?

Running a boutique business in partnership is not a joke. You have to manage so many things and keep in mind that you do not cross paths and break the rules of partnership. It's a good practice to get a partnership deed registered before you inaugurate your boutique. That would ensure a profitable successful long lasting boutique as well as partnership!

Two thinking heads are always better to refine the ideas and get to understand the core of any hindrances, which could arise in the course of business.

There are ample benefits of getting to be together to run a show and form a brand in the long run. Before starting a partnership in any field, it’s important that we define the Why and How of our boundaries.

For that purpose we may consider some of the benefits which we can achieve by taking care of small considerations and good communication at all times.

Four Reasons, you must get into Partnership

1. Joint responsibility :-

There is always a shoulder you can lean on in times of despair.

There is somebody to take over the responsibility and decisions in your absence at time.

You can rely on your partner and share the details for discussion and introspection for the common goal of achieving the targets.

2.More resources :-

You benefit from the shared resources which could be premises, skilled as well unskilled manpower or workers, time, fixed as well working capital – furniture,fixtures and many more things related to your business.

3.More credibility :-

In case of partnership, you achieve your goal of winning the trust of customers easily as people tend to rely on a joint venture more than an individualistic effort.

4.You cover each others’ weakness :-

You can build a good reputation as a business by shared values and bring in your individual strengths to cover up the weakness of your partner. This way, you benefit from the strengths and mitigate the harms of negatives.

Six Tips to Achieve a Profitable Partnership


1.Get most out of your USP

Each one of us have our unique selling proposition. In a partnership, we can concentrate more on our core competency area and get more out of each individual to benefit the business.

2.Shared dreams and aspirations 

It’s obvious that two individuals can not be carbon copies and it’s not even needed when you wish to share your business plans with the other person.

Each one of us have different dreams and aspirations but it’s important that both the partners have at least a common goal. This shared objective will keep them going together for a long time.

3.Sharing and respecting each others’ values and trust 

Values and trust are not mere words. It takes years to build them and each individual is very much attached to their core values. It’s important that each partner is honest and transparent in every dealing that he/she does.

4.Well defined work areas

While working, nobody wants to be interfered and bossed around by others. Comradeship is important as well as well define work areas and respect for the space and privacy of working territory of each other.

There could be discussions and brainstorming on refined ways of working but it should not be head hammering.

5.Balancing the relationship 

We find the most common business partnerships around us are between friends, sisters, brothers or spouses.

It’s important that we don’t mix business with personal grudges and differences. It’s easier said than done but until and unless this maturity level is achieved in doing business together, no business can go a long way.

6.Defined remuneration 

Each partner puts in equal or defined share of funds and resources in the business and expect returns on that,too.

It’s better that in good times itself,a partnership deed is executed mutually to avoid any conflicts in future and money should not be the sole reason of getting separate ways in a bitter manner later on.

Share if you have your experiences to add on to my opinion or even if you think otherwise, because we learn when we share with each other:)

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