Best Sewing Machines Under 10000 Rupees

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Best Sewing Machines in India under 10000 rupees in India

Every day I receive 10-15 messages on Stitching Mall youtube channels asking me to suggest the best sewing machine for home use under 10,000 rupees. 

Sewing machine is an investment.

You don't buy it everyday and the modern day electronic sewing machines are costlier as compared to domestic machines.

Hence, it becomes all the more important that you know which is the best sewing machine for your needs.

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List of Sewing Machines under 10000 for Beginners :-

In this sewing machines review post, I give you a detailed insight on the sewing machines under Rs. 10,000 in India and the reasons these machines are good for you or not. 

With my 32+ years of sewing experience, I am sure you would benefit and make the right choice.

1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch - Most Popular

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Sewing Machine

Dream Stitch is one of the best selling sewing machines by Usha Janome. With 6 built in stitches and 550 stitch per minute speed this machine is good for complete beginners. 

This is an automatic zig zag sewing machine that runs with electric foot pedal.

Dream Stitch is getting costilier day by day and I am afraid in a few months it may exceed 10000 rupees price range.

What you get :-

  • Manual Thread Tension Control and Dial type Stitch Pattern Selector
  • Automatic zig-zag sewing machine with compact free arm
  • Auto tripping bobbin system; drop feed for embroidery; manual needle threading; sewing light
  • Free Sewing Kit Worth ₹500/- (contains 18 N Thread Spools, 12 N Buttons, 1 N Scissor, 5 N Needles and 1 N Measuring Tape)
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturers warranty

What You Can Do with Dream Stitch :-

You can do -

  • alterations
  • mending
  • sewing
  • designing
  • embroidery
  • picot / rolled hemming
  • fall stitching
  • zipper fixing
  • piping making
  • buttonhole 4 steps
  • button fixing and
  • many other things with straight stitch, zig zag sewing with stitch length and width combinations.

Why Usha Janome Dream Stitch is best selling sewing machine in India, because it is a beginner sewing machine for home use in budget

Usha Janome Dream Sewing Machine Review in India 2024

2. Singer Promise 1408 - Fast and Durable

Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

The second most popular machine is Singer Promise 1408, that is a durable, metal body sewing machine with a solid classic design.

It offers 8 built-in stitches - Includes 6 basic, 1 decorative and 1 automatic 4-step buttonhole. This Model has 24 stitch functions.

Stitch per minute is 750 that is faster than Dream Stitch and price is lower than Dream Stitch.

What You Get :-

  • Automatic 4-step buttonhole - Guides you through every step to professional looking results
  • Easy threading easy - Straight forward threading path saves time
  • Heavy duty metal frame - Machine remains still for skip-free sewing
  • Snap-on presser feet - Expand your sewing possibilities. Quick release for easy on and off-change presser feet in a snap
  • Accessories Included: 
    • All-purpose foot,
    • zipper foot,
    • buttonhole foot,
    • button sewing foot,
    • edge/quilting guide,
    • pack of needles, bobbins,
    • large thread spool cap,
    • spool pin felt,
    • darning plate,
    • L-screwdriver,
    • seam ripper,
    • lint brush and
    • soft-sided dust cover.

What You Can Do With Singer Promise 1408 :-

You can do alterations, sewing and designing faster than Dream Stitch with 2 more in-built stitches.

But Dream Stitch has more attractive design and that is easy to operate.

3. Singer 1304 Start - Durable and Classic Design

Singer Start 1304

Singer 1304 Start is one of my favourite sewing machine for beginners and the best part is its low price (under 10000), high SPM 750 and 6 built in stitches.

Start 1304 is a direct competitor to Dream Stitch. If you want a faster speed in lower price range, go for Singer 1304.

What You Get :-

  • The Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Portable Sewing Machine with 6 Built-In Stitches and its sewing accessories are an easy-to-use and versatile products.
  • The two vertical spool pins make twin needle sewing quick and easy.
  • When sewing with a twin needle (optional purchase), parallel rows of stitching are perfect for hemming or adding a decorative touch. 
  • Simply follow the numbered diagram printed on the sewing machine.
  • The needle bar automatically disengages when winding the bobbin, making bobbin winding safe. The bobbin will automatically stop turning when it's completely filled.

What You Can Do With Singer 1304 Start :-

Whether you're looking to make garment alterations or to start a new project from scratch then this the Best Sewing Machine to buy.

4. Singer Tradition FM 2250 - Simple and Easy

Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine

Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine

Singer Tradition FM 2250 is a simple and easy sewing machine model from Singer Sewing Machine Co. 

This classic sewing machine features 10 built-in stitches with one automatic 4 step buttonhole and stitch per minute / SPM speed is 700, that is pretty good for beginners.

What You Get :-

  • Quick and easy threading saves time
  • Easy stitch selection change stitches in one easy step
  • One automatic four step buttonhole no guesswork and just results
  • Adjustable stitch length and zigzag width - keep seams strong and prevent puckering on any fabric type
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Power: 80 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts
  • Includes: Zig - Zag machine with foot paddle, Free accessories, Dust cover, User manual and Warranty card

What You Can Do With Singer Tradition FM 2250 :-

You can sew, alter, design, embroider for home use, school projects. This machine can sew light to medium fabrics and you can sew home decor too.

5. Singer M1155 Sewing Machine - Value for Money

Singer M1155 Sewing Machine

Singer M1155 Sewing Machine

Singer M1155 is an older model but it is inspired by the debut model that Singer launched for sewing machines.

It is a value for money sewing machine  that offers 14 Built in Stitches and 19 functions with 750 stitch per minute (SPM).

What You Get :-

  • 4 Step Button Hole, Easy Threading,Top Drop-In Bobbin
  • 45 Stitch Applications, LED Light, Top Bobbin
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding, Simple Stitch S Stop Selection,Accessory Storage in Extension Table
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame,5 MM Width, Thread Spool Pin Marble Up/Down,Needle Position Left & Center

What You Can Do With Singer M1155 :-

It is an automatic zig zag sewing machine with full features of straight, reverse, zig zag stitching and embroidery with button hole making and every dress designing.

Brother JA20 Electric Sewing Machine

Brother JA20 Electric Sewing Machine

Brother JA 20 offers 2 in-built stitches that is straight stitch and zig zag stitching. If you are using a manual sewing machine then it is a good upgrade at a cheap price range. 

Secondly, if you are a complete beginner then also it is a good option to consider. 

What You Get :-

  • Simple stitch and LED light
  • Top load bobbin
  • Free arm sewing
  • Zipper foot, Zig Zag foot, 3 bobbins, 2 pcs needle set, Screwdriver and foot controller

What You Can Do With Brother JA 20 :-

Brother JA 20 is best for sewing learners because they don't need to explore much features. They basically use straight stitch for sewing and zig zag for overlocking. 

Brother sewing machines do not provide demo or service; that you must consider before buying.

7. Mini Sewing Machine with Stand - DIY and Alterations

HNESS Mini Sewing Machine

HNESS Mini Sewing Machine

Mini sewing machines are offered by many sellers but they all are almost the same. 

People who want a sewing machine for fun, kids, diy, mending and alterations then a mini sewing machine is good. 

Mini machine can straight stitch with 80 stitch per minute (SPM).

You can stitch thin to medium fabrics but this machine is not suitable for regular sewing projects. 

What You Get :-

  • Two Speed Control
  • Straight stitch and Zig Zag 
  • Extension table available with some mini sewing machine models.

What You Can Do With Mini Sewing machine :-

It offers straight and zigzag stitch options. A mini sewing machine is good for children who learn to sew.

However, you can also use this machine for small sewing projects, mending needs, and crafts.

Though sewing machine spare parts and servicing is not available. 

8. Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch - Manual and Long Lasting

Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composit Sewing Machine

Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composit Sewing Machine

Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite is a manual sewing machine. As its name suggests, it is a straight stitch sewing machine without electricity and any other attachment. 

If you live in a place where electricity is not reliable then Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch is best machine for you. 

What You Get :-

  • An ISI marked sewing machine with a lever type stitch regulator and an auto tripping bobbin winder
  • A complete hand machine it is available in an attractive gift pack
  • Traditional (closed type) shuttle race for easy maintenance
  • Traditional screw type presser adjustment to adjust the pressure of the presser foot on the fabric for ease of use
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Includes: Sewing machine, Plastic base and cover, Instruction manual and Warranty card
  • Auto tripping bobbin winder for uniform winding of bobbin for perfect stitch formation
  • Motion of Thread Take Up Lever, Needle Bar Thread Guide: Curved type; Needle Plate and Slide Plate: Slide Type

What You Can Do With Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Sewing Machine :-

You can do alterations and sewing with straight stitch. If required, you can do straight stitch anchor thread embroidery too. 

Separate zipper foot are available that you can buy and use. 

This is a manual sewing machine so you have you put energy to work.

Usha Anand Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

Usha Anand Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

Without the mention of manual sewing machines, this list of best sewing machines under 10000 could not be completed. 

If you want a durable, heavy metal sewing machine that does not consume any electricity then you have Usha Anand Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine. 

What You Get :-

  • Usha anand straight stitch composite sewing machine
  • Lever type stitch regulator with forward and reverse stitching mechanism
  • Product comes with oil which need to used with wheel at time of first usage.

What You Can Do With Usha Anand Straight Stitch Sewing Machine :-

In many parts of the world, manual sewing machines are not produced and marketed any longer. 

But we have these durable machines that can sew, quilt and alter for generations.

Though, these machines are cheaper as compared to zig zag sewing machines but they consume more time and stitching quality is not impressive.

10. Handheld Cordless Sewing Machine - Mending during Travel

Hand Held Sewing Machine Electric Sewing Machine Mini Handy Stitch

Hand Held Sewing Machine Electric Sewing Machine Mini Handy Stitch

If you carry a needle and a thread in your purse everywhere for your naughty and adventurous kids' dress alterations, then this is an emergency travel kit companion for you. 

Though, it is not practicallg possible to sew dresses with this handy sewing machine but you can make a few stitches to alter your dresses. 

What You Get :-

  • Portable and Hand held , excellent for on-the-spot and quick repairs, ideal gift for girls, teens, friends, family on birthdays.
  • Power Requires: DC 6v power Adaptor (Included) or 4 AA batteries (Not included). Power Adapter saves cost of 4 Batteries.
  • 60 Sewing Speed : DIY Sewing: The crafting machine is easy to use and carry, beginner or master can make some DIY handkerchief, Cloth toys, patchwork, simple embroidery or arts crafts with terry, master can operate it to handkerchief, Cloth toys, patchwork
  • Compact and lightweight, Durable and long-lasting use. Stapler Style Machine for stitching saree blouse.
  • Item Dimension: 22.5 X 14.5 X 5.5 cm, Handy to use, One Hand Operation.

What You Can Do With Handheld Sewing Machine :-

Occassional mending and sewing for fun small projects.

The Best Sewing Machine to Buy : My Views

A handheld is the cheapest sewing machine in this list and Usha Janome Dream Stitch is the costliest.

While handheld machine is ideal for gifting and mending, bigger machines are good for dress making and bigger sewing projects.

You will not get spare parts, demo and service for Brother JA 20, Mini sewing machine and Handheld sewing machine but these machines are fancier and cost effective. 

Manual Composite machines like Usha Bandhan or Usha Anand will work without electricity but they are manual energy and time consuming. 

Hence, if you want modern day automatic zig zag sewing machine for light to medium fabric then Singer and Usha machines are reliable.

If you are a beginner sewing machine user, what’s the best sewing machine for you, manual or electric? It depends on some important factors.

Which Is the Best Sewing Machine Manual or Electric in 2024

Below are some of first time sewing machine buyers' questions and my answers :-

designer kurti

Suganya Nagarajan

Hi mam, budget is 10-11k max. I’m a beginner but I m planning to do fashion designing course. So would like to get max benefits on this price. Pls suggest me

When we talk about sewing machines, you have two requirements-1.

A good machine for beginner sewing and Fashion Designing purpose.2. Within a budget of 10 to 11 thousand rupees.

As a beginner sewing learner, you need an easy to set up and start sewing machine, straight stitch and reverse function. 

For designing, some add on accessories and built-in stitches would be good. 

For these two main purposes, you may choose any of these sewing machines. (These machines are good for light to medium fabrics)

Usha Janome Dream Stitch is most popular and hot selling sewing machine but the SPM is 550 that means a beginner friendly stitching speed. 

In fact, I am a big fan of Singer 8280 but sewing speed is 800 in latest models. 

So, go for a basic zig zag machine with good SPM (stitch per minute) like Usha Janome Allure that has SPM 860. If needed, you can buy additional designing foot later on.

designer kurti

Anil Thapa

My needs are to do alterations and repairs on all types of fabrics at home.Stich zippers etc. Also stitch normal clothes( all types of fabric). Just for personal use. Which one do you suggest?

These are some of the best sewing machines for your specific needs.

You can do alterations, repairs, sewing light and medium fabrics at home. You can even sew denims with some settings and 18 number needle .

You can also stitch zippers, beads, falls, picot, lace etc. You can check the current discount rates here-

1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch 

2. Singer Promise 1408 

3. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch 

4. Singer Start 1306 

5. Usha Allure 

To watch the video review of these machines, check 

You can read the detailed review here 

designer kurti

Harika Chowdary

Hi Mam,I am planning to buy a sewing machine for my home needs.I don't have any idea on sewing..could you please suggest me a machine.My budget would be minimum as i dont have any clue on sewing.

Hi Harika, You should buy a beginner level sewing machine that is easy to operate and user friendly.

A home use sewing machine like Usha Janome Dream Stitch  or Singer 8280 would be good for your needs.

Prices would increase soon. You can watch the detailed review of both these machines here. 

Vaishnavi Sawant on Stitching Mall Youtube channel asked:-

I want to buy a sewing machine under ₹10,000 & I am confused between Usha Janome Dream Stitch (zig-zag one), Singer 1304 & Singer 1408. The use of stitching machine is going to be for making scrunchies & for basic home use. Would you please suggest me the best one as I am going to invest money once. Thank you in advance 🙂

Dimple Anand from Stitching Mall replied:- 

All three sewing machine models you have chosen are excellent for making scrunchies, dresses, DIYS, home decor, and many sewing fun things.

Choosing the best sewing machine among all three models is slightly tricky, but I try to make your decision easier.

All three machines are easy to operate, an automatic zig zag with designing and embroidery options.

1. Dream Stitch is hot selling, most popular sewing machine right now. 

It offers seven built-in stitches and SPM (Stitch Per Minute is 550. That means it is a sewing machine for complete beginners.

2. Singer 1304 offers six built-in stitches, and SPM is 600. 

Good heavy frame durable sewing machine in classy design. Faster stitching than Dream Stitch.

3. Singer 1408 offers eight built-in stitches, and SPM is 750. Fastest sewing machine among these three machines with more features. 

A good option if you want to pursue making your dresses and sewing regularly.

You'll be delighted to know that there are good discounts on sewing machines due to lockdown fears, market depression and off-season, that you can avail right now. 

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