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Best Sewing Machine for Boutique in India is basically in two segments branded and locally made.

The best boutique sewing machine must earn you money, save time and it should be sturdy so that it could last longer.

The sewing machine I used in my boutique

I have an umbrella sewing machine for two decades and I must say that it's a best sewing machine for any boutique owner. 

I got it when I knew nothing much about treadle machines or boutique machines.

But later, after fifteen years, when I opened my fashion boutique, this sewing machine got so much of boutique work done in a jiffy.

My workmen were more than happy to work on this speedy monster.

If you are also thinking of opening a boutique then you must make sure that you choose the right machine for your work to make profits.

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3 Tips to buy sewing machine for boutique

1.Easy to Operate

In a boutique or production house, generally a sewing machine is handled by many hands.

Almost all of them handle your machine roughly because the workers are in a hurry to complete their share of work as soon as possible.

Machine's wear and tear; upkeep is not their headache. 

Therefore, it is important that the sewing machine you buy is sturdy and got a strong metal body.

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2.Easy Repair and Maintenance

Machines need regular repair and maintenance.

It is always advisable to have easy to repair sewing machines.

if you face sewing machine break down, you could fix them up quickly and economically.

Prefer a sewing machine which has a sturdy body.

A machine for which spare parts are locally available.

If your work stops, workers would find an excuse to roam around.

That way, you would also lose man hours and money.

Learn How to Repair Sewing Machine at Home by using this basic understanding of your sewing machine common problems and solutions.

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3.Faster Sewing Machine Speed

Even if sewing or fashion designing is your hobby, your customers would not wait for completion of their orders till eternity.

With my own experience, I can tell you that no matter how organized and well planned a customer is; most of them would approach you at the nick of time with their order request.

Can you risk denying them!

Your business has a peak season.

If you say no, chances are - these customers would not come back.

So, you better get a sewing machine which works overtime and works unstoppable.

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My Boutique Sewing Machine

When I got my first sewing machine, I knew nothing about it. It was gifted to me by my husband, who knew my fascination with stitching or sewing.

Best Sewing Machine for Boutique in India

I used to try my hand on my mom’s humble domestic sewing machine, which was very basic and simple to operate and needed no expertise.

You just move the wheel and it used to go slowly and steadily with some hiccups of reluctance.

Well, one day my dear husband announced that his friend’s wife was closing her fashion boutique and selling her sewing machine.

Even before I could react, he bought the machine home. I was told that it was an Umbrella Sewing Machine.

It used to work like a thunderbolt and I used to dread it’s speed.

For a few days, I reacted the way babies react to a very enthusiastic pet but later when I got the idea of how to use it, the experience was wonderful.

I tried my level best to decipher how come it is Umbrella machine with NO UMBRELLA ATTACHED!

I even went to the length of imagining that may be this machine was meant for stitching umbrellas only.

I tried to make sense out of nonsense by figuring out that may be at some point of Sewing History of this machine, an umbrella would have been a part of it, because in my childhood, I had seen so many roadside tailors, working under harsh Sun, wind and rains under an umbrella on their machines.

This way I made my own explanation of an Umbrella Sewing Machine.

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4 Reasons Why Umbrella is The Best Boutique Sewing Machine

#1. High Speed Straight Stitch Work

It is a high speed straight stitching sewing machine mainly used for heavy sewing materials.

You get different kinds of orders and you have to use different fabric and sequin materials to sew on.

Though, a sewing machine can be set according to the fabric you need to stitch on. But the basics of a machine have to be strong to get the settings right!

#2. No Fancy buttons to Keep Workers Confused

It is a heavy duty machine with no Umbrella attached. Wow! Moreover, this machine has one simple straight and reverse stitch option to do its job perfectly fast.

Anyways, when you have to do fast and massive load of production, you diversify functions.

That's why you have to get different machines for different purposes. If you try to diversify your workers' skills, the speed of work would suffer.

#3. A Business is for Lifetime. So should your machine (Well Almost)

When you open a business, even if it is a boutique business; you want to run it for the longest possible time.

Businesses are not opened in the hope of closing but to gain profit as long as we can.  

A boutique sewing machine is a long time investment. It gives you good value for money.

The major difference lies in a domestic sewing machine and an umbrella sewing machine is its body which is heavier and durable in nature. It lasts a good long time.

#4. Service & Spare Parts Easily Available

Five vital components like needle bar, link,gear rod,bush of all type and take up lever all are heavy duty, specially designed and forged for durability and longer life of the machine.

One thing is for sure that once you buy them you don’t have to worry about everyday tit bit of problems.

You just pick any fabric, with whatever layers and textures- it will never ditch you.

If you oil your machine and dust on regular basis, it gives you money’s worth of work with a few months’ time.

My Umbrella machine hides all my worries under it’s cover.

Such a machine is low cost, low maintenance and always productive with no hassles at all.

Remember while choosing sewing machine for boutique

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