Best Sewing Machine for Boutique in India in 2023

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The best sewing machine for a boutique business is the one that could make you a lot of money while saving time and effort.

One of the most frequent question I receive is "which is the best sewing machine for boutique?"

Recently, Ramkesh asked on Stitching Mall : Hindi/Urdu YouTube channel, "mujhe boutique karna h kon si machine lu, jisse daily 5 suits ya kmeej seel sku. Kya umbrela machine achhi h ya nhi?"

I am using an umbrella sewing machine for more than 20 years and my tailor masters also used that umbrella machine in our boutique for stitching all types of fabrics and dresses.

First of all, I share what is the best boutique sewing machine for home based tailoring shop.

Secondly, which is the best sewing machine for industrial level boutique business and finally what was my experience with Umbrella machine in boutique.

4 things you must remember while choosing boutique sewing machine

1. Services you offer

Before choosing sewing machine for your small boutique, you must be clear what services you are giving to your customers.

Manual or Treadle Sewing Machine for Boutique

If you are stitching only simple dresses then a manual sewing machine or a treadle machine is good to start with.

But manual machines are very labor intensive and they pose health risks like fatique, cervical, neck pain, backache etc., that's why I am not a big fan of them.

If you are a beginner sewing machine user, what’s the best sewing machine for you, manual or electric? It depends on some important factors.

Which Is the Best Sewing Machine Manual or Electric in 2023

Automatic Zig-Zag Sewing Machine for Boutique

Most of the budget friendly white plastic automatic zig-zag sewing machines are not designed for boutique business purpose. 

They are home use sewing machines, but you can use these machines to stitch 4 or 5 dresses with designing or embroidery for customers also.

Automatic machines are half shuttle machines and good for light to medium fabric stitching.

These sewing machines require regular bobbin cleaning.

Umbrella Sewing Machine

Whereas full shuttle sewing machines are heavy duty. 

They are perfect for any type of fabric, whether light, medium or heavy like denim.

Jack F4 Direct Drive Sewing Machine

Jack F4 Direct Drive Sewing Machine

2. Space

you should assess the space you have.

If you have only a corner of your home as boutique then you may choose a compact all-in-one sewing machine like Usha Janome Stitch Magic, Singer 4423, Brother GS3700 or Brother FS101.

If you have at least a 10x10 size of room, then you should have an industrial/umbrella sewing machine, one automatic sewing machine for designing and a serger.

This combination would be your long term profitable set up for boutique business.

3. Volume of work

You must also know the volume of the work you can take up on regular basis. 

If you will stitch 4 or 5 suits or kameez daily then an automatic white plastic machine would be good because that machine can do designing like picot, fall, patch work, button fixing, button hole making etc. 

But if your work volume is more than 6 suits daily, you'll need a speed monster like Juki, Jack or any locally made full shuttle sewing machine that could get the clothes stitched faster.


You can not ignore your budget because that would determine the features and quality of your sewing machine.

Be very clear and practical with you budget.

Extending your budget slightly is alright if machine is good. 

You may buy sewing machine on EMI also, but if your requirement is met with a basic straight stitch machine, it would be good to start with the basic and later on upgrade as the need arises.

Is Umbrella Sewing Machine good for boutique business?

1. Cost effective

With my 20+ years with an Umbrella and boutique business experience, I can confidently say that Umbrella machine is value for money for your boutique.

2. Makes more money in less time

An umbrella machine is an industrial sewing machine that gives faster work production in less time that results in happier customers and more money in your pockets.

3. Less wear and tear

Umbrella sewing machine is a full shuttle sewing machine that has strong body meant for speedy garment production.

4. Faster stitching speed

Stitching speed of an umbrella sewing machine is above 1500 SPM that is amazingly fast, and you'll need that speed if you want to make more money while saving time and efforts.

5. Limited stitch option

Most umbrella sewing machines have only straight stitch and reverse stitch function, that means you can not design much. 

But the positive side is you focus only on straight stitching and for designing purposes you may use your automatic sewing machines. 

Another flip side is, you will need to invest in a separate overlocking machine or serger.

Conclusion : My views -

Best sewing machine for home boutique

If you are starting a small home boutique shop, then an automatic sewing machine is good because you can stitch, design, embroidery and do many add on work with that.

The price of basic to medium automatic sewing machine would be between 7,000/- to 30,000/- rupees.

Best sewing machine for tailoring shop

If you want to start a full fledged boutique and tailoring shop, then it is best to invest in full shuttle umbrella sewing machine, overlocking machine or serger with an automatic machine for designing.

If your budget is limited you may buy automatic sewing machine later also.

I am sure this information would help you choose the best machine for your boutique.

Mention in the below comment section which sewing machine you have chosen. So we could help you with easy to use sewing machine set up guides or tutorials to fast-track your boutique business.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machines for Boutique in India

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