3 Best Manual Sewing Machine for Beginners 2024 (Home Use)

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The best manual sewing machine brands and models, which are trusted for quality, sewing experience, ease of use, and low price, depends on many factors. So, what makes a sewing machine best for your requirements?

In simple words, your best sewing machine is the one you could sew with comfortably, meets your requirement, you can be proud of it and it fits in your budget. Right?

If you are already using a sewing machine then you can answer this question easily. But if you are a beginner and learning to stitch, chances are - you have not tried your hand on any sewing machine till now.  (know Why You Should or Shouldn't Get a Sewing Machine!).

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Best Manual Sewing Machines in India, for Home Use

Usha and Singer rule the sewing machine market in India, and you can trust both these brands for stitching machine models. But it does not mean that locally made sewing machines are poor in quality. I have one locally made sewing machine, and it is more than twenty year old machine. It works better than any new sewing machine. 

Basically, you should choose a manual sewing machine evaluating the points, which are given below -

  1. Easy To Understand Features For A Beginner,
  2. Pocket Friendly Pricing,
  3. Easy Maintenance Of A Basic Sewing Machine,
  4. Sewing Machine Servicing And Parts Locally Available,
  5. Ability To Handle Occasional Sewing Work Load,
  6. Not Frequent Usage For Commercial Purposes, And
  7. Easy Portability,  No Additional Cost Of Electricity And Maintenance.

1. Usha Bandhan Sewing Machine

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You can trust Usha for hand operated / manual / domestic sewing machines. This straight stitch sewing machine is reliable and long lasting.

It has closed shuttle race which makes it easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, it's ISI marked and your safety from electric shock is assured.

It has a traditional screw presser adjustment which helps in adjusting the presser foot

Dimensions : 71 x 71 x 51 cm; 15.02 Kilograms

You can trust Usha for hand operated / manual / domestic sewing machines. This straight stitch sewing machine is reliable and long lasting.

It has closed shuttle race which makes it easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, it's ISI marked and your safety from electric shock is assured.

It has a traditional screw presser adjustment which helps in adjusting the presser foot.

What you get  - 

  • In-built lever switch along with an auto tripping bobbin winder assembly.
  • A sewing machine, plastic base of the machine, plastic cover and other machine accessories.

Why you'll love Usha Bandhan Sewing Machine

  • One year warranty
  • it's a durable sewing machine
  •  You get quality assurance from USHA Company
  •  You can attach an electric motor and foot pedal to this machine
  • Portable, easy to carry anywhere.


  • Generally, handle lever of this sewing machine is tight. So you can drop some oil in the given oil points and your machine would sew smoothly after sometime.
  • Speed is as slow as you are. Or it can be as fast as you can get because it's a manual machine. You can get a motor for speed.


I am using an USHA machine for more than a decade and thankfully it never needed repairs. 

It's a simple, easy to use machine, you can sew as soon as you take it out of the box.

Ideally, buy from a showroom. If you buy online make sure all the parts are in good condition.

If in doubt, return immediately and write a review so that seller pays attention to you. 

2. Usha Anand Sewing Machine 

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Usha Anand is a durable, heavy duty sewing machine, which is good for long duration sewing work. It is an ideal machine for home use and tailoring workshop.

  • Lever type stitch regulator with forward and reverse stitching mechanism
  • Product comes with oil which need to used with wheel at time of first usage

Dimensions : 59.3 x 41.5 x 28.6 cm; 15.05 Kilograms

Why you’ll love Usha Anand Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

  • You get reverse and forward stitching mechanism.
  • You can attach machine to a table, motor and foot pedal assembly.
  • it's a durable sewing machine
  •  You get quality assurance from USHA Company
  • Portable, easy to carry anywhere.


  • Sewing machine base is plastic, though its good enough.  You can fix your machine on a table for more stability.
  • Sewing requires physical energy, which may leave you exhausted.


Usha Anand is a simple, easy to use machine, you can start immediately.

Machine's base is not very sturdy but it's okay. You can get this machine fixed on a table, though it is not compulsory.

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3. Singer Tailor Delux Sewing Machine

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Singer is the oldest sewing machine maker in India.

It has two popular sewing machines models -

1. Solo

2. Tailor Delux which is a premium model

You get a special needle for thick fabrics like denim.

Why you’ll love Singer Tailor Delux Sewing Machine

  • This machine is beautiful
  • Comes with all the regular features
  • You can attach it to a table, motor and foot pedal assembly
  • it's a durable sewing machine
  •  You get quality assurance from Singer Company
  • Portable, easy to carry anywhere.


  • Sewing machine base is plastic, though its good enough.  You can fix your machine on a table for more stability.
  • Singer is a little bit expensive than other brands but it's worth it.


My mom had a Singer machine and I used that till I was 22 years of age.

Singer is the first sewing machine brand which started selling machines in India.

This machine is slightly expensive as compared to other machines in this category but it is worth the cost because of its sturdy metal body, which is long lasting.

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How to know, if a manual sewing machine is a best buy for you -

If you want a sewing machine for the following reasons, a manual sewing machine is best for you -

  1. You want a machine for mending your clothes.
  2. You want to learn sewing as a beginner and you have never worked on any sewing machine. This is the most important part because for a good long time you don't need additional features in your machine.
  3. You make simple sewing projects and clothing.
  4. You don't have time for professional sewing.
  5. You are not fond of too much sewing.
  6. You need a sewing machine for emergency repairs only.
  7. You don't want to spend too much money on a sewing machine, which you use once a month.
  8. You want to buy a sewing machine in low budget.
  9. You do straight stitch sewing most of the time.
  10. You want a sewing machine which does not require electricity.
  11. You sit on your terrace to sew, while enjoying the weather.

Benefits of Buying a Manual Sewing Machine

  • A manual sewing machine is affordable, economic and cost effective.
  • I want to say it's cheap but I find the word 'cheap' so cheap that I like to say this machine saves you lot of money.
  •  It is easy to oil, maintain, service and repair a manual sewing machine.
  •  Carry them anywhere - on the terrace, balcony, veranda, park, road, anywhere and sew. No hassles of wires and foot pedal.
  • It's a low maintenance machine, which you can use in sewing workshops.
  • A manual machine is good for small sewing business. Any tailor can start her low investment - clothes mending business easily from a garage or roadside shop.
  • You don't need electricity. So,you save money on electricity.
  • Unlike electric machines, a manual machine has sturdy metal body which is long lasting.
  • Even if you have an automatic sewing machine, it is a good idea to have a manual sewing machine handy to use in case of emergency such as power cut, machine breakdown or additional sewing work etc.
  • You get its spare parts easily from the local sewing machine repair shops.

Why People Do not Prefer a Manual Sewing Machine

  • Manual sewing machines have only straight stitch and reverse stitch function, which it does well. 
  • You don't get fancy stitch options, designing stitches and in-built features.
  • It is manually operated so it is slow. You need to add an electric motor and table if you want to increase speed.

4 Best Sewing Machines for Beginners :-

Buyers' Guide - Best Manual Sewing Machine

Once your expectations are clear, it becomes easier to check out the reliable brands and available models in your budget range.

Buying a sewing machine is an investment, but making a choice and finalizing a buying decision is similar to your decision making process, while you decide what you want to eat. You make choices, based on  -

  • Sweet or salty,
  • fried or boiled (or may be roasted),
  • how expensive it should be,
  • which shop you should get it from.

Now you head to the varieties available and the shops of your choice. Similarly, when you have to decide on a sewing machine, choose - 

  • Features you want,
  • Sewing Machine brands, you prefer or do not prefer,
  • Locally made sewing machine or imported,
  • You want to buy from a company showroom or online,
  • What is your budget, and how much you are willing to spend on upgrading your machine,

There may be some other factors, which you need to consider while buying a sewing machine smartly. 

Why Manual Sewing Machine Is Better Than Electric Sewing Machine

You can sew anything with hands, but a sewing machine makes your work easier. It is an essential tool to save time, energy and money.  

Whether you sew for hobby, or to earn money, a sewing machine is an investment and it yields returns pretty quickly. 

An electric sewing machine is faster than a manual sewing machine, but for a beginner sewing learner it may be fast and costly.

Whereas a manual sewing machine is hand operated straight stitch sewing machine, which is easier to control and use for making clothes. You can use a manual machine without electricity and maintaining these hand operated machines is simple. 

An automatic sewing machine has a number of sewing and designing features, which may tempt you, but a manual sewing machine has its share of good points, which you must consider before buying any sewing machine.

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In your situation, it is common that you are still wondering if you should buy a manual sewing machine or an electric sewing machine. 

You may find it useful : Should You Buy New Sewing Machine or Fix Old One?

How I overcame The fear of trying something new, for the first time?

For last ten years, my husband was insisting that I must buy a laptop for my work. But I always worked on desktop and I was very comfortable working on a desktop only.

I had this fear that laptop was too fragile and high maintenance. I would not be able to work with such a in-built key board. Moreover, I had other apprehensions also.

At last when my computer started giving troubles I had to give up. And I preferred to buy a laptop because we shifted to a smaller house.

Now, I am working on a laptop for more than four years and I am super comfortable with it.

Okay, But What It’s Got To Do With A Sewing Machine?

Yeah! You are right.

You know, when I was a teenager, I always used my mother's Singer Sewing Machine. it was easy, simple to use. 

I didn't know how to use a machine so it used to break it down many times. Thankfully, local sewing machine repair mechanic used to fix it in no time.

And my mom didn't scold me because fixing it back to work was cheaper. It's parts were also easily available.

And years later, when my husband bought me the first sewing machine, it was a high speed industrial machine. I feared it then, but now I love sewing on this machine.

Conclusion -

As a beginner if you are in a tight budget, go for a straight stitch manual sewing machine. Practice your sewing skills and once you are confident that you love sewing and designing, go for an  automatic sewing machine.

Even if you buy an electric sewing machine, you can still keep a manual sewing machine handy in case of electricity, problems, or you may teach sewing to somebody else using your basic machine.

What do you think?

Did you find this information useful? Let us know in the comment box.

These are the Top 10 Best Automatic Sewing Machine for Beginners to learn sewing at home. This list includes the most trusted, reliable,  premium, and budget friendly / cheap stitching machine brands in India. The first question in your mind arises, what’s an automatic sewing machine, and why should you

Best Automatic Sewing Machine for Beginner 2024 (Top 10)

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