Mission Statement

The Mission of Stitching Mall

  • To Simplify Sewing. Therefore, help every beginner in learning this productive hobby and profitable profession.
  • Provide honest views and genuine reviews about sewing products, experiences and services.
  • People who are looking for work can send us their profile (name, contact details, work experience, nature of work they are looking for; whether ready to relocate of not etc.) and make their work and talent meet with requirements of designers, buyers and boutique owners etc. (after verification)
  • Employers or designers, export houses, boutiques etc. can send us their requirement for skilled or unskilled manpower and we may connect them with right kind of workers or employees, they are seeking. (after verification)

There are many reasons and ‘whys’ which makes Stitching Mall exist –

Stitching Mall

1. Creating a World of Plentiful

The world is full of people (especially women) who always struggle with the questions of ‘what to wear’ & ‘I have nothing to wear!’ And these questions are more stressful than the eternal search of ‘who am I?’ So, I try to share simple DIY methods to create & being your own designer.

2. Enjoy Abundance

Each one of us have so much (fabric, too!) with us. But we live in helplessness. By using simple DIY methods and helpful suggestions, anyone can start earning and making her life better. When a woman is enterprising – family prospers, society prospers and there is more peace and prayer around.

To make sewing / stitching and related activities, a simple to understand and do it yourself pursuit for just anybody and everybody. Create awareness about the products which can make your life comfortable and sewing fun.

Promote minimalism and self sustenance by enabling everyone in creating out of the available. This will lessen burden on the environment, economy and leave us with more resources to share with less privileged.

And above all else, promote self sustenance, learning and earning potential of everyone so willing.

Stitching is...Joining Parts Together.

You can learn to create and sew with us online or join us on YouTube Stitching Mall channels in English or in Hindi | Urdu. You can also share your designs with us on Stitching Mall facebook group.

If you buy anything through our links, a part of any earnings we get, goes to feed hungry mouths and needy hands. In short, for betterment of the society.

Dimple Anand

Dimple Anand is a Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger & a Creative Vlogger; who is a minimalistic person, believes in opulence in simplicity.

She has been sewing since childhood as hobby and later done advanced course in fashion designing to pursue her passion. She ran a fashion boutique profitably for a good long time and shares her diy sewing and pattern making tutorials on youtube since 2014.

Her aim is to provide you a genuine insight on the products and creative experiences that are there for you to be explored and to make a beautiful life.
You can write to us : dimple_anand2002@yahoo.com
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