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I love creating designs, things, ideas and content. As a kid, DIY, art and craft, reading and stitching that is also called sewing were my favourite pastimes. 

I am fascinated with exploring different aspects of life and work, like management, training, business, stitching or sewing,  yoga, design thinking and digital marketing.  

Basically, I love to learn, and I love to share with those who are willing to grow.

When my mother used to stitch, I used to be fascinated by the stitching machine's movement.

As I grew up a little more, I used to sew a few things, and she used to guide me lovingly. She was a busy person, but I cherished the time she spent with me exclusively while stitching.

My Career Choices- 

I loved the idea of being a fashion designer as a teenager.

But, I was reasonably good in studies (or so others' thought) which prompted me to choose management-related careers. 

After being a Training Manager in public health, I decided to take a sabbatical. 

This time I pursued fashion designing because I wanted to (and I didn't have to prove anything to anybody).

If you wonder if fashion designing is for you or not, check this detailed fashion designing career guide.

I started a Fashion Boutique

That fashion designing course led to starting up a fashion boutique, where I learnt different business models and how to scale up in stitching industry. 

I also explored all possibilities to start work from home kind of business model of stitching work.

My job was going good when the shop owner sold the shop, and I started working from home.

I used to get stitching orders at home.

I had tailors working for me, and I used to earn good money out of that! 

But soon enough, we shifted from there, and I was in a new place. So, that work was closed.

I yearned for an online platform where stitching industry enthusiasts could gel together and find a job or workforce.


Around 2014, I visited one of my brothers. My sister-in-law was having some trouble with her stitching machine.

She knew my love with stitching, so she suggested that I open the machine and fix it, which I promptly followed with my brother, but fixing was complicated.

We were with a stitching machine, but we forgot which part would go where!

We panicked, and he opened some YouTube videos to check out "what to do !" 

We got nothing useful, and I was frustrated about how come nobody shared what we wanted!

We fixed the machine somehow. And for the first time, I was introduced to the YouTube video tutorials and self-learning world.


I had a highly talented senior colleague, who wanted to make her own clothes.

The reason was that her body was a little different.

She had different body requirements than other people.  

She wanted tailor-made clothes for herself, but tailors used to make fun of her (though they didn't express it in front of her). 

I could teach and explain, but the office was too much work, and her house was far from mine.

Not practical!  

During this time, I had created a few dresses for myself, and some of my friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives wanted to know how I sew and design things.

Finally Stitching Mall was created

I made a few videos and uploaded them on YouTube to share with the people I cared for. 

With my curious mind, I also signed up for AdSense and done some other settings. 

And I got busy getting my house constructed.

After a few months, one afternoon, I needed some money, so I thought of borrowing from my mother-in-law.

I was still fixing whether to ask her or not; I got a message "USD$$$ transferred to your account #000001". 

I was suspicious because I had lost some money in 'work from home online' schemes, and I believed nobody could earn online.

But here I was with money in my bank account.

What did I do? 

Some stitching and some computer internet settings, which anybody could do easily.

Therefore, I decided to create a platform where people could learn to earn within and around the stitching industry.

That is my wish, and I know if you have read so far, you may be loving stitching the way I do!

This blog has tips and tutorials to empower you in many aspects.

You'll find designs, DIY tips, tutorial videos in English, and videos in Hindi / Urdu, support of a fast growing stitching / sewing community.

Stitching Mall

You'll find easy to use tips, tutorials, DIY videos, articles and many other resources here, to learn sewing as a beginner with simple steps, and when you master those steps, learn to earn money with your sewing skills

For suggestions, queries, business proposals, you can reach us through Contact us page.

To contribute your articles, videos, posts, experiences, designs and insights you can send at : [email protected]


Stitching is much more than a simple needle and thread.

A stitch starts with a needle and thread, but sewing or stitching industry is worth more than $278.2 billion worldwide.

This estimate does not cover the units that are revolving around small stitching businesses. 

And this billions dollar industry revolves around a single stitch. 

Stitching is ...Join Parts Together.

Let's join this movement of being your own designer, lead a fulfilling life and create what you want to create.

Be Your Own Designer! 

Happy Stitching

- Dimple

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Vaishnavi Sawant

Sewing Machine Buyer

omg! Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️ Your sewing machine review really helped. Your detailed explanation was very useful.

Sc Priscilla

DIY Sewing Enthusiast 

Hi .. very useful and easy sewing tutorials..thank you so much for sharing.. keep going..❤️❤️❤️

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